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To this day, Pedro Rodriguez remains Mexico’s most successful Formula 1 driver, yet his life was cut tragically short just as his true brilliance was beginning to manifest itself. Entering his first sports car race – and winning his class – at just 13 years old, Rodriguez would become a Le Mans 24 Hours winner 15 years later and a fierce competitor in Formula 1.


‘RODRIGUEZ’ represents the peak of Rodriguez’s Formula 1 career, which came in 1970 with the works BRM team. Not only did Rodriguez pilot his BRM P153 to victory at the 1970 Belgian Grand Prix, he had also become one of the world’s highest-paid drivers and was regularly winning sports car races in his Gulf Porsche 917. In ‘RODRIGUEZ’, the artist has captured the promise of Pedro Rodriguez’s career, which was cut short when he tragically lost his life in a sports car race in 1971.


‘RODRIGUEZ’ is presented as an original 800mm x 600mm print on aluminium in a limited edition of 25 pieces, signed and numbered by the artist.

  • Specification

    All artworks include attachments for fitting the piece to the wall. 

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