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One of the most fearsome racers of his generation, if not all time, Clay Regazzoni was prepared to win at all costs. Securing a drive with Ferrari in his rookie Formula 1 season, Regazzoni won his fifth race – in front of the tifosi at Monza in 1970.


In ‘CLAY’, the artist evokes what may be considered as Regazzoni’s last truly successful Formula 1 season. Having come within three points of winning the Drivers’ World Championship in 1974, he was regularly outperformed by team-mate, Niki Lauda, by 1975. However, moments of brilliance were still to be had, with Regazzoni once again wowing the tifosi with a dominant victory at Monza.


‘CLAY’ is presented as an original 800mm x 600mm print on aluminium in a limited edition of 25 pieces, signed and numbered by the artist.

  • Specification

    All artworks include attachments for fitting the piece to the wall. 

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